Assisted Reproduction Center - Introduction to Core Functions

Examination and treatment of infertility at the University of Debrecen, the “in vitro” fertilization (IVF) procedures the so called “test-tube baby” program has a history of more than three decades.

These types of interventions were performed by a contracted private service provider for 15 years, and then taken over by the Clinical Center as of 3 January 2018 in the form of a reorganized Assisted Reproduction Center, utilizing the internationally renowned diagnostic and scientific capacity of the university with the aim of providing infertile couples with the desired child as rapidly and successfully as possible.

The ARC of the Clinical Center provides its reproduction services for infertile couples either from the catchment area or outside of it whether they are covered by the health insurance or pay a fee for the intervention. The typical procedures provided are IVF and ICSI, and their different variations.


Last update: 2021. 09. 29. 13:23