Pulmonology Clinic - Introduction to Core Functions

Patients with pulmonological conditions are taken care of at the general pulmonology outpatients, where they are to arrive with a referral from their own GP, a specialist, or a lung care center. We provide medical consultation for partner specialties both outpatient and inpatient.

The allergology specialist consultation is a very busy unit. Our catchment area is not just the town Debrecen, but also the region. We examine and treat patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, and bronchial asthma, and provide immunotherapy primarily for patients with sensitivity or allergy to bee - or wasp stings. We also apply up-to-date therapies, like biological therapy.

Our specialist consultation provides a high level professional of care for patients. The number of allergic diseases has been on the rise for years, consequently more and more patients come to the specialist outpatients.

The Bronchology laboratory located in the basement of the Pulmonology Clinic works every weekday from 8 am to 2 pm. by appointment and based on urgency, in which case the bronchologist will decide on the measures to be taken. If the patient on the premises of the Clinic is not eligible to be transported, that patient can be examined locally. In general we see 1700 patients a year. Apart from routine diagnostic examinations we also perform the following examinations and procedures: treatment of large bronchial stenosis, electrocautery or laser therapy, rigid bronchoscopy, foreign body removal, X-ray directed transthoracic needle biopsy. Patents come from other inpatient wards of the institute as well as from the outpatient specialist consultations.

Upon prearrangement patents from outside the catchment area may also be examined.

The Pulmonology Clinic provides checkup and complex treatment to a high number of tumor patients. The oncoteam has sessions twice a week where decisions are made about necessary therapy on the basis of test results, and then treatment of the patient starts within the week. In several cases it is also necessary to improve the patients’ general condition and breathing parameters.

Accordingly, the Pulmonology Clinic provides a special service to lung patients: pulmonological rehabilitation. This is a referral-only service at the specialist outpatients every Thursday 8-12 am. We perform a checkup of the condition of the patient and then the specialist decides about the possibility of rehabilitation. When the decision is made the doctor and the physiotherapist put together a rehabilitation plan together with the patient. If the patient wishes to be hospitalized, it is possible at a prearranged time point. Respiratory rehabilitation optimally lasts 4-8 weeks and can be repeated every half year.

Pulmonary function tests examine the functioning of the lungs. It is an indispensable examination in the diagnostics of respiratory illnesses, in initiating a therapy, in following the course of the disease and before thoracic surgeries.

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