Ophthalmology Clinic - Main Reception

In the Ophthalmology Clinic using a facemask is must and patients are also requested to disinfect their hands when they enter the clinic. Then their body temperature will be measured by the clinic employees.

Patients who would like to get information by telephone will be asked about their conditions (it will be an urgent examination or not). If an urgent examination will not be required, patients will be referred to the virtual outpatient clinic or they will be given an appointment. 


General outpatient clinic

  • On workdays between 8 AM and 3:30 PM
  • Telephone number: +36 52 255 617
  • E-mail: elojegyzesszem@med.unideb.hu
    • If you make an appointment by e-mail, we need the following information:
    • Name
    • Hungarian Social Security (TAJ)
    • The doctor you would like to make an appointment with.
    • Your recent problem / symptom
    • If you are a returning patient, the reason you come back to the check-up examination.

Cornea specialist consultation

  • Prof. Dr. László Módis
  • appointment: +36 52 255 617

Retina outpatient clinic 

  • Monday - Thursday: 3 PM - 4 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM - 12 PM
  • Telephone number: +36 70 313 0296
  • E-mail: retinaamb@gmail.com

Pediatric ophthalmology 

  • Monday-Thursday: 2:30 PM - 3 PM
  • Telephone number: +36 52 255 312

Patients will need an appointment for the Laser and FLAG examinations, if they will not be treated that day. It is given by the doctor working in the outpatient clinic. This fact will be recorded on the Outpatient Treatment Form.

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