Department of Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology - Admission of patients

Dear Patients,

Referral is needed and it can be booked by two ways:


Biological therapy:

  • Telephone number: +36 52 411 717, extension 54842, on workdays between 11 AM - 3 PM.
  • E-mail:
  • Teleconsultation: 
    • Wednesday: between 1 PM - 3 PM, + 36 52 411 717, extension 54560
    • Thursday: between 1 MP - 3 PM, + 36 52 411 717, extension 56310


Liver elastography:

Colorectal cancer screening appointment for those who participate in the EFOP-1.8.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 complex public health screening:

Post-Covid (Gastroenterology):

If you book an appointment by e-mail, please provide the following information:

  • Name:
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number (TAJ)
  • The specialis consultation you choosei: Liver (Hepatology) / Gastroenterology
  • Are you currently under a physician's care now? Yes / No
  • If yes, who is your physician?

Please attach your referral to this e-mail. The referral must contain the date of the referral, 2-3 sentences about the the medical history and laboratory/ imaging test result, or you can attach the medical documentation, too that justifies the referral. 

You will be informed about your successful booking and the time and date of your specialist examination in email, within 72 hours.

You can not book an appointment in person.

If you have an urgent referral, the evaluation of the results of the urgent examination can only take place IN PERSON at the GASTROENTEROLOGY EMERGENCY OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT, located on the ground floor of the building of the DEPARTMENT OF GASTROENTEROLOGY, on working days between 9 AM - 3 PM.

Booking for endoscopic examinations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) is allowed only after a specialist assessment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Prof. Dr. Mária Papp
University of Debrecen, Clinical Centre, Nagyerdei Campus
Gastroenterology Clinic

Last update: 2022. 03. 03. 14:26