Neurosurgery Clinic - Introduction to Core Functions

Neurosurgery deals with operable diseases of different parts of the nervous system.

The Clinic treats adults and children with neurosurgical diseases. The most common diseases that require surgical treatment are the following:, degenerative and tumor disorders of the spine and certain trauma induced disorders as well as intracranial disorders, primarily tumors, malformations of the skull and spine, disorders of the cerebral fluid circulation, certain injuries of the skull and functional disorders like facial neuralgia and Parkinson’s disease, and surgical disorders of the peripheral nervous system, like the carpal tunnel syndrome. The Clinic also takes part in radio surgical therapy of brain disorders in cooperation with the Radiosurgery Center, and in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases using a catheter in cooperation with the Radiology Clinic. In addition to patients screened and scheduled for surgery in the outpatient care, inpatient care is provided for patients requiring urgent treatment as pre-agreed with their GP by phone.

Last update: 2022. 02. 23. 15:12