Central Radiology Diagnostics - Acute care

Cases that are marked “urgent” or obviously require acute treatment shall be attended to without appointments, even with reorganizing the schedule if necessary.

It is the responsibility of the physician prescribing the examination to provide the missing documentation; before that (oral consultation is needed for conducting patient care) no medical report certified by a doctor may be issued and the case cannot be closed in the hospital’s IT system.

Full resuscitation at the Radiology Division may only be done by the Emergency Division; for contrast examinations outside regular working hours (or when no physician is available at the Radiology Division) the contrast material shall be administered by the Emergency Division; and it is also the Emergency Division that shall deal with the arising complications and shall provide monitoring, and in case of outpatient examinations it shall also observe the patient and provide further care if complications occur.

In order to ensure the adequate management of examinations, all relaxants and anesthetics shall be administered by the Central Intensive Care Division.

Last update: 2021. 09. 29. 11:14