Central Radiology Diagnostics - Availability and release of examination images (records)

Writing the medical records shall be the responsibility of the physician performing the examination or procedure. The report shall be written down by the assistant as instructed by the physician, which the physician shall review (check the patient data on the report, etc.) and sign with his/her own signature.

The administrator shall document the release of records and films in a special booklet designated for this purpose, and shall ask the patient or his/her attendant to sign the booklet at the Information Desk.

The physician prescribing the examination can read the findings’ report in the internal network. Previous versions shall also be stored in the hospital’s IT system.

Medical reports shall be prepared during the working hours immediately after the examinations. However, the report may be released at a later date if a medical consultation over the findings is needed. The findings shall be sent to the prescribing/attending physician online in a computer file form; to the prescribing/attending physician by fax in a printed form; and given to the patient.

Availability and release of examination images

The patient’s medical documentation (images, copies of medical reports) can be requested from the Patient Registration Department.

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